group exhibition at the gallery shower
15.12.2023 – 13.01.2024

In a city where endless roads lead beyond its borders to other cities, where the sunsets bathe the sky in a dazzling kaleidoscope of glistening pink and brilliant orange, lives a man who fancies himself a cowboy. His fake profile name on eBay classifieds sounds like a call from days gone by: Jack Lonestar.
Jack Lonestar is a man with a brave heart and an irrepressible thirst for adventure. His soul yearns for freedom and his thoughts often wander through the endless expanses of the Merseburg road. A hero in the stories of simple life and yet filled with a tiny spark of passion for something extraordinary.
One frosty morning, when there is an icy chill in the air and his breath forms little clouds in front of his face, a fleeting message reaches him in a rectangular shape. Wild and free as the wind, a flyer lands straight in his hand, shivering with cold. “Wintersaloon, Galerie Shower, more than 70 artists…” is emblazoned in color. The heart in his chest gallops. Art had always exerted a mysterious attraction on him. He grabs a coffee pot and storms off. The glances of curious passers-by bounce off his haste. When he finally reaches the doors of the gallery, he bursts into the room like a whirlwind. A flood of artworks greets him, each one a window into a world beyond imagination. Paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures and installations – a sea of creativity and expression, of compositions, colors and shapes, of stories and beauty – envelop the soulful cowboy. Satisfied, he whispers into his coffee cup: “This is extraordinary.”

Tom Ackermann | Sophie Altmann | Jantje Almstedt | Marie Aly | Charlotte Antony | Myrsini Artakianou | Marie Athenstaedt | Christina Baumann | Enrico Bach | Bella Bram | Georg Brückmann | Tim Cierpiszewski | Dana László da Costa | Janosch Dannemann | Franziska Degendorfer | Benjamin Dietrich | Lauriane Dine | Nicolás Dupont | Isabelle Dutoit | Stefan Fischer | Matthias Geisler | Alexander Gherke | Sebastian Gögel | Lenia Hauser | Ingo Albrecht Hauser | Franziska Holstein | Sebastian Hosu | Theo Huber | Tobias Hild | Stephan Jäschke | Yvette Kiessling | Trevor Kiernander | Falko Kitsche | Alexander König | Susanne Langbehn | Moritz Liebig | Johannes Listewnik | Jana Luck | Juliane Mahler | Ani Maisuradze | Klara Meinhardt | Thomas Moecker | Penny Monogiou | Johannes Myller | Eileen Almarales Noy | Lisa Pahlke | Seung Lok Paik | Henrike Pilz | Marta Pohlmann-Kryszkiewicz | Philipp Putzer | Johannes Rochhausen | Christoph Roßner | Jurek Rotha | Theresa Rothe | Mischa Sanders | Nele Hendrjke Sandner | Johan Schäfer | Florian Schurz | Josefine Schulz | Matti Schulz | Ralph Schulz | Stefan Schwarzer | Mascha Schultz | Björn Siebert | Oliver Stäudlin | Marlen Tennigkeit | Kathrin Thiele | Ruth Unger | Matthias Jun Wilhelm | Verena Winkelmann | Daniel Wogenstein | Paula Franziska Wolber