balance ton bleu (throw your blue)
copper and metal bar, plaster, colored pencil, 2019

Là où le béton mord (where concrete bites)
fabric, concrete, plaster, clay, metal bar, glass plate, Linoleum, cold porcelain, 2017

Poectic proposition of an organization
earth, wood, plastic, graphic, carpet, stone, 2.50 x 3 x 1.50m, 2017

Bevor es das Eine oder das Andere wurde (Before one or the other become)
commun work with Paul Melzer wood, foam, elastic, clothesline, cotton, 2016

Tenir les uns aux autres (hold on to each other)
earth, wood, metal bar, graphic, 2.50 x 4 x 1.80m, 2017

Les trois états d’une chaise (the three states of a chair) 3 chairs, grass, sand, earth, 2016

Une relation à l’architecture (a relation to architecture) three chairs, sand, earth, 2016