In August 2020, I received the scholarship “Denkzeit” from the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen to support one of my artistic projects. It was during my meeting with Thomas Siemon ( and a visit to his printing studio that I got the idea for this project: to work as hard as possible. As the leader of the studio but also as an artist, Thomas accompanied me in adapting to my expectations. The press he owns is about 10 metres long, which is already very impressive. It is motor-driven and has several rollers that distribute the colour. I wanted to work on wooden plates (140x100cm), using a grinder. This tool, which I use very regularly, allows for great precision, while leaving one side completely uncontrollable. However, the hardness of my tool has given way to festive and colourful prints, playing with coloured transparencies. Each print has between four and six copies. Thanks to this grant, I was able to experiment with engraving in a completely different way: acting physically. To be able to use my whole body means making very different movements and approaching the material in a different way.






























IMG_3873 (2)

Latent space, UNTERGESCHOSS 14, Spinnerei, Leipzig, 2020