In 2019, I was invited to present a new installation as part of the contemporary art festival «Zukunftsvision». Each year, the exhibition took place in a different location and it was up to the artists to adapt to the exhibition conditions. I wanted to propose an in-situ work inspired by the building: an old garage. It was still very much marked by its history. The floor was made of stone and revealed many oil stains. The walls were porous and the roof was perforated in several places, letting the rain seep in when it rained. It was damp and cold. So I worked on the themes of water and stone, but I approached these materials in a much more noble way than they were ex- hibited in this place. On the wall, I drew water stains in blue pencil that were as if held by copper heating pipes. These water stains sometimes turned out to be a kind of fossil, this one also held in tension for a metal bar. On the floor are large plasterboards painted in blue and hollowed out by a gouge to reveal a mineral pattern, close to a mountain landscape. I wanted to show stone and water in their multiple states.