Lauriane Dine lives and works in Leipzig

I have been interested in printmaking for many years. In part, because it is a traditional, mechanical process, but also because it involves different work steps: cutting, rolling, printing. I aim to develop a contemporary visual language in my work, and pull from the aesthetics of abstract painting. Work with high precision appeals to me, as well as grand gestures, perhaps made with a contour knife or an angle grinder. Sometimes more minute marks, sometimes freer, sometimes with force, and sometimes without any tension. What guides me is colour. I work with layers of paint and drying times to create colour gradients and a certain transparency. While already working on the material I imagine how and where a colour will be. I determine how strongly the colour will dictate the surface, but without the goal of reproducing a concrete landscape or still life. I work with what could be and play with it. For me, the entire printmaking process is exciting because you can never determine the results 100 per cent.

My installation-work arises in short periods of time, where I work “in situ”, within and for a specific space. I am looking for the connection between inside and outside, between content and form. I combine forms and colours. I layer objects, let them merge or bring them together by separating them in such a way that something new emerges. Space is like a sheet of paper on which I draw. It is my playground on which I let off steam.

Lauriane Dine was born in 1992 in the north of France. She lives and works in Leipzig. After graduating as a master student with Prof. Andrea Zaumseil at the Burg Giebichenstein in Halle an der Saale, she specialised in installation and printmaking. As part of her training, she spent 2018 studying abroad at the art academy “Instituto Superior de Arte” in Havana, Cuba. In 2017, she was selected for a three-month residency at the Leipziger Spinnerei.